Rooms #2

Rooms & Accommodations

Are you looking for a home away from home?

Rolak Hotel and Suites offers exceptional rooms, ranking among the largest hotel rooms in Ijebu Ode. With quality furnishings and ambience, neat linens and suitable toiletries, and the latest amenities for your enjoyment and convenience, each guest room is designed to be a haven for relaxation and comfort.

There’s a room for everyone, the choice is yours.

••Presidential Suite

NGN70,000.00             NGN80,000.00

Executive Suite

NGN50,000.00             NGN55,000.00

Executive Deluxe

NGN30,000.00             NGN35,500.00


NGN20,000.00             NGN22,500.00

Standard Room

NGN18,000.00             NGN19,500.00

Single Room

NGN14,000.00             NGN15,000.00